Tony W.

I’m Tony, I’m glad to see your efforts to communicate with TI’s. Twitter is therapeutic and helps TI’s vent and see others that are the same as them in this daily battle we face.
My story consists of several angles that I have dissected to find a conclusion that I am still uncertain of. It would take pages to describe all of my experiences so I can make a few to start with and maybe add to them later in other emails.
I distinctly remember playing on the sidewalk at about age 7-8 yrs old and hearing a voice tell me”you will never be president”and I forgot about it and played on, wondering “what the heck was that.” Later now that I’m reflecting I found this memory and others vivid in my mind still. At age 17-18 I enjoyed high school and had a great normal experience. I became an active member of Al-Anon 12 step program from my teens into my 20’s due to my broken families story. I would drive out of the little city I lived in near Dallas as a teen and go see a friend of our family that lived kind of in the country. As I would drive near to the friends house I would get v2k’d and completely didn’t acknowledge it as a teenager thinking it must be my mind somehow. Ironic that this friend of our family’s father had a company that supplies equipment for helicopter aviation for a number of companies like Boeing etc. including military and private companies. Also my friends father and my father were best friends and grew up together and had this company in there family for generations. Now that I look back I understand it was v2k and more than likely the police somehow doing it as they would appear all of the time and stare at me as a teen and into my 20’s because I was so different being that I was in this 12 step program that my mother and I both enjoyed and still do , and the fact I didn’t smoke or drink and some of my friends were suspicious of that except the normal ones.
Skipping a number of years, I found myself working for a company my friends owned as a warehouse manger at age 25. I became restless and after college soccer was over I decided this work was boring and I would join the military possibly. So I inquired with almost all branches even the Marines..shortly after my inquiry with Marines I began hearing popping noises and sounds in the roof of my house, I looked in the attic and found nothing and talked to my boss about it and he thought I was crazy. I actually went to the MEPS anyway(medical entrance program)and decided coast guard was more my style, I was almost in the coast guard. I decided not to join after seeing the big picture and instinct told me no don’t do it and I continued working as a warehouse manger where I continued to here loud popping noises on the metal roof of the warehouse.  I went to Colorado at 26 instead because I needed something new in my life. I found myself being targeted in Colorado and a friends voice that I used to hang around was the v2k voice they chose to try to make me hurt my friend possibly I guess. He was a pothead and I wasn’t, although we hung around together I didn’t know he was a major dealer and had friends that were possibly mafia and also had been busted for dealing and here I was hanging around them. So I see the possibility it was a cartel that targeted me yet the earlier experiences ruled that out. I thought to myself this is ridiculous and I began to understand this trickery. I was followed by undercover police and harassed while in Colorado. I was entrapped into more trouble than I had ever been in and snapped out of it to recover and explaining to the courts the truths of situations where I used self defense and I was dismissed luckily. It was as if they targeted people I came in contact with and somehow asked or made them try to harm me. I left Colorado unharmed and went home to Texas at 30. Now at 48 I see how much time has passed and how much of that time I have spent thinking about them and there trickery. My life is under control and still enjoy a support group based on a 12 step program “Al-Anon” because my father was an alcoholic. This support group does more than help me forgive my disfunctional family, it allows me to build a defense against the targeting and stalking and have numerous friends. In conclusion I now have seen the racism here in Dallas Tx. as a possible reality to my targeting from the beginning. Some street theater has involved people of color, and I have witnessed some attacks they have made on my vehicles over the years and my home. Never have they faced me face to face, only some words as I leave my home occasionally revealing they know what my plans are for the day. An example is when I go to the gym, I have heard a black woman say “workout,workout,workout” over and over with emphasis standing down the parking lot from me with no real meaning to it for her or anyone around her to respond. These provocations have been plentiful and I have laughed them off as I became educated on the goals of this evil targeting program, they want to get people in trouble and throw them away. I am on a steady path now and I forgive them because I know they are brainwashed and probably on some type of drugs. The details of my story go more in depth obviously, however I suspect people I came in contact with during my life were already in the program and designated to meet me, friend me, and gain info on me to aid in the targeting. The suspects who are old acquaintances or friends they introduce into my mind by making there voices are Kavin O’keefe who is a known pot dealer that I counseled in my early 20’s through Al-Anon,
C. Brock who was a friend from high school who’s uncle was a police man in our home town. So as you can see there are plenty of ways to connect these people with my earlier targeting before I ever met them. The trickery and deception is something they will have to reckon with through Gods judgement. I am separate from all of this now even though I still have a daily battle with them using v2k and lasers frequently shooting me in the eyes, usually in the morning. The reality that targeting can be in families before a child is even born is scary. I see all of the signs that people in my family could be victims of targeting and not even know it, especially my father. I am the youngest of 3 and the only male from my parents. I have graduated from a 2 year college this year and the v2k was never more active and electronic harassment than when I began to finish these classes. It was clear they didn’t want me to concentrate and would shut down my computer during tests as I began to finish the inline tests. Hacking has been part of it lately, they will turn of my tv remotely when I am preparing to listen to music while I get ready to work out, then all of the sudden the tv goes off. Lol… a childish attempt to provoke me and there have been so many. Once I went to start my vehicle which is in excellent condition, and I was in shock that it was having some kind of electronic issue, then it all of the sudden started. So as I drove off I clearly see a cop car drive next to me and the driver and passenger glaring at me vividly to let me know they had the ability to affect my vehicle. Fear and intimidation are there goals, I am way to strong in Gods word from my early experiences in the 12 step program which is spiritually based to fall for their tricks. I believe they will be found out in the near future with inventions to counter surveille and locate and prosecute them. I have considered filing a law suit agains the govt before I move to Canada soon. Canada is just part of my story I have already know. It is clean and cool, Texas is dirty and hot. I don’t care that they can read all of my emails and texts because I know they fear me as I am a man of God and always will be. I will email again when I organize some more of my story. This was all done on the spot today. Thanks so much for being there to recognize TI’s! Have a great day. Tony.

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