There are a lot of products out there that claim to shield you from Electronic Harassment, V2K and gangstalking, and I’ve read about and tested a few of them but have read about countless items over the past 4+ years of targeting.

Here are some that work:

ZVS Driver/Flyback Driver:

For blocking the harasser’s ability to see you or see things near it in your vision. I suggest a standard 12-48v ZVS Driver and a 24-48v power supply for this. The larger the power supplier, the bigger area it will cover. I personally have a 12v one right behind my computer screen on my desk so they cannot see my desk. It’s electromagnetic and may produce a blue aura for the harasser.

Shield Beanie from Shield Apparel:

Protects the head and temporal lobe (which ELF and possibly other radio communicates with for v2k) from RF signals up to 3ghz at -85db. This will lower your voices or possibly eliminate them completely, but this is the first beanie I got and I wear it almost 24/7. Skullcap:

This skullcap has the strongest shielding of all the hats I could find. Over 10ghz protection and -40ish db depending on the strength of the frequency. It almost completely eliminated my voice-to-skull and image-to-skull when I put it on. I now where it underneath my shield beanie for maximum protection from #v2k.

Xenolite Chest Wrap:

Useful for blocking heart, chest and body pain, it’s slightly more expensive than the other items listed but supposedly well worth it. Heart attacks have been common for me and I have this item on order soon. They may not be full heart attacks, but the pain that they can cause to my torso has been sometimes absolutely unbearable.


  1. Hello can you explain how to use ZVS Driver/Flyback Driver for example because make me confused how this can trun on 24/7 for shielding i hope available articel for use this item. thank you




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