Mother’s Day for a TI

Dear Mom,
I’m sorry that I am a Targeted Individual. All I wanted was a great life; and I had one. Voice to Skull and Gangstalkers have ruined my life with Electronic Harassment. I know you don’t believe in this stuff and Dad doesn’t either, but that is fine with me. It’s very hard to get evidence of these crimes and I know you think I’m insane, but the technology exists now to hurt people and family in incredible ways.
I know you want me to believe that it is a mental illness; it makes me cry sometimes. The truth will prevail before our light in this world dims, so please just keep sticking by my side. You’re the best Mom a son could hope for. You’ve handled the situation exceedingly well and have put up with me living with you for the past half decade, and that is more than any Targeted Individual or person on this Earth could ask of their mother.

You are the best mom
I could ever ask for period
I love you always

Happy Mothers Day,

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