Guide to Targeting and Gangstalking Innocent People

This is going to explain how to target people.

First you should know that Github used to have a file on it called Sboettcher. It was an EEG-Radar Synch program that allows people to be seen on radar by their EEG Signature and targeted accordingly.

You can also Target people using the lens effect to target them from above, it gives you a wide area to pick up signals with. Just use a spectrometer with HAM or SDR Radio Lense Effect and you can pick up any persons frequency in the area.

Next, you should know that it takes: An Oscilloscope, an oscillator (can be used to turn body functions on and off with frequencies), A mass spectrometer (for targeting people around the target), an ELF “pipe bomb” antenna and a computer.

That is the oldschool way of doing it. Now you can just use a HackRF to run the whole thing with scripting from a computer and your antenna will determine the distance it goes.

To put a person on it or get their frequency you may have to use a very small broadcast radius and scan the AM frequency range with CubicSDR or likewise to acquire their frequency.

Once someone is targeted with the Lens Effect, you can target people around them to turn them into gangstalkers or mind controlled zombies (with an EEG machine). You can spy on those people and blackmail them.

Once you have a target on your radio, you can broadcast to their visual cortex, audio cortex and more and also record from these areas. You can also broadcast out their vision and thoughts to fellow gangstalkers to get more people involved to shame the target.

After that, just use the COINTELPRO manual for gangstalking and you’ll have made a 100% targeted individual. You can even steal credit card info and other stuff with peoples vision!

Manual For Organized Gang Stalking Operations…. FBI’s COINTELPRO, Operation Gladio, NATO Stay Behind Armies, and Ongoing Global U.S. Military “Unconventional”/”Civil-Military”/” Psy-War”/”Information War” Operations

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