How Police and Sheriffs are Ruining our Country with Electromagnetic Weapons

Electromagnetic Weapons are being used by police to subversively and extra-judicially punish and investigate people. They target them with low and high frequency weapons and always make sure the officers in the area the target lives know about it. They also use microwave in some parts of the country.
These weapons were, I believe, confiscated originally and then expanded on by the CSA (County Sheriffs Association), NSA (National Sheriffs Association) and the “FBI” (Police Officers). They also use people in your community to target you and a lot of times these people are against the targeting. They might even notify a target about it by leaving their light on all night every night.
The weapons they use are not new per say, but rather just a conspiracy theory that is coming to light as the truth because of advancements in technology. They are also most likely the ones who initiate gangstalking. Police can also use entrapment or illegal remote neural monitoring questioning to entrap a target.


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