Defeating RNM and V2K with Brainwave and EEG Devices

Brainwaves are the thing that are monitored by Remote Neural Monitoring and altering them by focusing on something like television or a video game can completely remove your monitoring.

There is also an app on the Apple AppStore called “Brainwaves” that I am currently using to help defeat my RNM, which in turn should defeat my voice-to-skull as they will no longer be interested in monitoring me.

The best option I have found for this is Muse and Muse2 headbands, but I cannot afford one at the moment:

There is also the Muse S headband, which comes in at about $349 which is helpful for sleep and may defeat RNM as well as help lull you to sleep with its’ guided meditations and sleep brainwaves:

They are also EEG headbands and can be used to monitor things like your Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Movements.

I HIGHLY suggest trying one of these routes if you are a Targeted Individual with remote neural monitoring or voice-to-skull. Also, if you are being kept up at night the Muse S may very well be worth it. I plan on ordering a Muse2 and Muse S within the next couple of weeks and will report back!

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